Ready To Discover Your Best Self?

It Begins with a Vision...

I'm so glad you're here! Come with me and define what it means to be your Best Self. The thing I love about this guided journal is that it keeps my mind on the things that are important to me. In a world full of distractions, I'm talking about beard gang + fake booties on IG of course, we could all use a little re-alignment every now and then. Best Self is the tool to take you from thinking about your Best Self, to defining your Best Self, to fully living you best life!

About Village Life

Village life is a community based mental health organization that specializes in Healthy Relationships with the self, family, and community. It is our philosophy that mental health is rooted in relationships and our ability to create safe spaces where we can share our failures and successes. Relationships are the context within which we build self image, self esteem, and healthy ways to cope with stress. This makes Relationships the most important factor in Mental Health, and at Village Life Therapy we are all about relationships.