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In order to be effective in working with children, it's important to understand how children work.

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This gathering is for those who are looking to get organized from the inside, out. We will focus on our inner self and dig deep to find what is truly causing us to live unorganized. From ways we can step our game up with our personal development to ways we can make our schedules and homes flow in a manner that is truly functional to us and our families, you will leave this event with the tools, techniques and knowledge, geared specifically towards your situation, that will allow you to apply what you have received to your life immediately all to help you jump start your journey to living a more organized and functional life...from the inside, out.

Attendees are limited, as this free event will be conducted in a very small group setting to ensure each individual personal needs and issues are addressed directly. Please RSVP as soon as possible to lock in your spot. I truly believe this event will fill up quickly. Special guest, Mia Garret, who is a licensed clinical social worker, will be in attendance to open up with us about being our best self. This is an event you do not want to miss...

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you March 03, 2018!

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We are happy to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and accepting Peachstate/Cenpatico, Wellcare, Amerigroup, Caresource, and Medicaid in 2018.

About Village Life

Village life is a community based mental health organization that specializes in Healthy Relationships with the self, family, and community. It is our philosophy that mental health is rooted in relationships and our ability to create safe spaces where we can share our failures and successes. Relationships are the context within which we build self image, self esteem, and healthy ways to cope with stress. This makes Relationships the most important factor in Mental Health, and at Village Life Therapy we are all about relationships.