I created this as a safe space for us all to learn and practice the skills of Mental Wellness. After woking in the field of mental health for almost 10 years, it occured to me that the individual was missing a place they could go to start or continue their journey of mental wellness without first having to be labeled with a diagnosis, or chained to the belief that mental wellness can only be obtained through sitting in an office across from someone with a notepad. 

However, in releasing ourselves from that limited idea, we are all left asking the questions, "what now?" and "where do I start?". We can all start by taking the resources and tools found here to assess where we are now, set our intentions for growth and change, and learn the skills of being mentally and emotionally well. 

If there is a specific skill that you want to work on, check out the Resource Library. 
If you want to to know more about what it is like to work with me and my therapeutic model Click Here.
If you dont know where to start and would  prefer working directly with me, you can Book a Session now. 

Mia Garret is exceptional; a complete credit to the mental health community. I have never worked through my personal issues via counseling before, so this has been a completely novel and somewhat scary journey for me, but Mia has held my (virtual) hand every step of the way. She is calm, compassionate, positive and most importantly - real! It's almost been as if talking to a friend; I have felt so comfortable talking to Mia about things that I quite frankly have never explored before. Mia's listened to everything I've shared and given me a range of strategies and exercises for healing that are personal, workable and tailored to me. She has responded quickly and has checked in with me at points to let me know she's there. For me, I know there is still a long journey of healing ahead, but I also know that I would never have begun to make the progress and reflections needed without Mia's help. She is a gem of our earth and I'd recommend her to anybody! Forever grateful, Mia. Thank you x 

"Mia has changed my life. A few months ago, when I started with Mia, I was really struggling. From the very beginning, she connected with what I had to say on a deep level - I felt completely heard and valued. She gave me beautiful tools to regain self-trust and to rebuild my life from the inside out.So much of my life has changed under her guidance - she's even positively impacted elements I thought were already fine. Mia's focus on nurishing the soul and living through love has made my entire reality shine with a joy and luminosity that I've lacked my entire life up until now. To say that she helped me is an egregious understatement. Mia's guidance has allowed me to rediscover myself and to live my life with a glowing, fresh perspective. She's incredibly easy to talk to, she's kind and uplifting, encouraging and loving. She feels like a friend who always knows just what to say. I honestly can't recommend her enough for the way she has impacted my life. She is an incredible gift to those she serves through this practice, and I cannot express how grateful I am for all that she has done for me.

Mia has been an absolute gem. I am new to the world of counseling and she has managed to make it such a seamless experience for me. I feel like I'm just chatting with an old friend and getting great advise that is helping shape my life and put a lot of things in perspective. I highly recommend her.


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I do not accept insurance however I am happy to offer products and services that meet the needs of individuals at any budget.

About Village Life

Village life is a community based mental health organization that specializes in Healthy Relationships with the self, family, and community. It is our philosophy that mental health is rooted in relationships and our ability to create safe spaces where we can share our failures and successes. Relationships are the context within which we build self image, self esteem, and healthy ways to cope with stress. This makes Relationships the most important factor in Mental Health, and at Village Life Therapy we are all about relationships.