Mia Garret, LCSW

Mia Garret is a Clinical Social Worker who specializes in healing relationships between youth and their families, teachers, and peers, so they can have more opportunities to practice becoming and being their best Self. Mia began her career in Marietta, GA working with students in 3rd-12th grade under the non profit agencies Communities In Schools and Marietta YELLS (Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading, and Serving). While serving students and the adults charged with their care and learning, Mia recognized that we are all shaped through the interactions we have with those around us; from this realization Village Life Therapy was born.

At Village Life we believe that behavioral health and mental wellness are rooted in how we are developing within the context of our relationship. We recognize that every interaction we have, whether in our thoughts and feelings or with another person, is a chance to live up to our best Self  or to recede into more comfortable, dysfunctional behaviors. In choosing Village Life as your provider you are making a commitment to not only yourself but to those around you  to find the best in yourself and bring out the best in others.

About Village Life

Village life is a community based mental health organization that specializes in Healthy Relationships with the self, family, and community. It is our philosophy that mental health is rooted in relationships and our ability to create safe spaces where we can share our failures and successes. Relationships are the context within which we build self image, self esteem, and healthy ways to cope with stress. This makes Relationships the most important factor in Mental Health, and at Village Life Therapy we are all about relationships.